FINAL WORK: EXPOSITIVE ESSAY CLASS HUM 111 SACRED HEARTH UNIVERSITY… FINAL WORK: EXPOSITIVE ESSAYCLASS HUM 111 SACRED HEARTH UNIVERSITY  Topic: Free, but related to the units and topics of the course.Value: 32 points.Premise: The study of the human being, his humanization and his history supposes a reencounter with the manifestations in human life. It is an awakening to the past, a look at the rich artistic, political, social and cultural heritage, but also at the dark and unmentionable that our previous societies abandoned. Undoubtedly, rescuing and studying our historical-social development constitutes a gain that transforms our vision of the world. The impact that our past has on the different social manifestations is still under study. Instructions:1. In addition to the information provided in class, search at least three (3) additional reliable bibliographic sources for information on a topic discussed in the course that is of interest to you.2. Investigate the development of the topic that interests you in society and identify the most fundamental and transcendental aspects, so that you can create a clear and informed idea of ??what it represents for society.3. Develop and write a short 3-page expository essay based on the following question: How has ________________ (the topic you chose for the essay) impacted and transformed society as we know it today?4. Precisely present your proposals, the idea is that you present an answer clearly, but supported by sources.5. Remember that the purpose of an expository essay is to create a text where the important details of the topic are presented in depth, so that the selected topic is clearly explained. Also, keep in mind that this type of exercise has an educational purpose, that is, it seeks to teach others about the subject in question.6. You will write this essay in Times New Roman font, size 12 points. The paragraphs must be written in one and a half line spacing (1.5).7. The essay must have a presentation page and a final bibliography, which are additional to the body of the essay. That is, even if your essay maxes out at 3 pages, you must have your cover page and your bibliography page separate. Health Science Science Nursing HUM 111 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)