Discussion: Cultural  Uniqueness and Spiritual NeedsThe nurse has a responsibility for caring for the total person including physical, emotional and spiritual needs. A good way to gain understanding about cultural diversity and cultural competence is by reading and researching different cultures and religions.For this discussion you will gather information about a religion/cultural group other than your own that interests you. Focus on nursing interventions appropriate for this cultural group and religion. As you do your research take note of how people within this culture and religion are unique and how they are similar. How will you alter the plan of care to incorporate the patient’s health and illness beliefs?To receive credit for discussion board questions answer all parts of the question utilizing the discussion board rubric guidelines. Answer in complete sentences. Grammar and spelling count. Remember to check back for additional comments posted by your instructor. There is a two day deadline.  Health Science Science Nursing LPN2 001 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)