Definition of hyperglycemia/ blood glucose ranges/ signs and symptomsDefinition of hypoglycemia/ blood glucose ranges/ signs and symptoms What is the normal range for fasting blood glucose? Which insulin cannot be mixed with any other insulin?  Complete the following table for a quick reference as you prepare to administer insulin:TypesOnsetPeakDurationRapid Acting   1.Apidra    2.Humalog   Short acting   1.Novolin R   2.Humulin R   Intermediate acting   1.Novolin N   2.Humulin N   Mixtures   1.Humalog 50/50   2.Novolog 70/30   3.Humalog 75/25       Long acting   1.Lantus    Your patient is a type 2 diabetic who presents with shaking, confusion, and nausea. You check her blood sugar and found the results to be 90mg/dl. What intervention would you anticipate for her and why? Health Science Science Nursing NURS 121 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)