Could someone help me analyze and answer below information. Priority Nursing DiagnosisDisturbed thought process r/t patient being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, s/b memory loss, wandering, dysphagia, disorientation to (time, place, person), and lethargy. could formulate a nursing care plan with one nursing diagnosis, three expected outcomes, six priority nursing interventions (with rationale) and evaluations.  Also, could someone help me with TMT (Patient) and TMT (Nurse).Neuro (Patient is disoriented at place, time, person), impaired memory loss, keeps wanderingPain (CArdio- HR is 71, BP-135/75, TEMP- 36.2Respiratory RR-20, O2 STAT-94 %Abdominal, Upon auscultation, patient has hyperactive bowel sounds. She also had 1 episode of constipation BM’s overnight.Integumentary, patient used urea topical cream and diclofenac,  skin is warm, coccyx ulcer is evident wound on her right cheek covered with Mepilex borderurinary (incontinence), urine is foul odourDietary intake Patient needs to have her medications crushed with apple sauce. She is on a modified pureed diet and must follow strict dysphagia protocol outlined by the SLPFluid intake- modified thick fluid, dysphagia, crush pills mix with apple sauce.  Health Science Science Nursing PNUR 125 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)