Consider california state practice act related to NP practice…. Consider california state practice act related to NP practice.  Write a 3-5-page paper about how the practice act for your state encourages or discourages quality and effective patient care for a patient with co-morbid conditions.  Consider the below case 35-year-old African-American male reports trouble with sleep for over 3 months.  He has trouble both falling and staying asleep.  He has increased his drinking habits at night to try and increase his sleepiness before bed.  He states he is drinking 1-2 beers every night before bed.  He also states he has a history of depression that was successfully treated with Prozac for 4 years.  He has not been on medication for the last 24 months and states that his depression has been somewhere from a 1-2 on a 0-10 scale with 10 being the worst.  He denies SI/HI, and A/VH.  However, he does state an increase in anxiety when he does not sleep.  He states he feels fidgety and out of it during the day.  His vitals for today’s visit are:T98.7HR76BP 146/84R 18Wt. 193Ht  5’9″BMI:  28 Health Science Science Nursing PSYCH PS101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)