Concrete Experience: “what I did” sectionBriefly describe the circumstances and activity that you engaged in so that a person not in attendance can understand what the experience wasReflective Observations: “what I wonder” sectionIdentify a specific component of the experience that had particular relevance to you, or that was instructive or valuable to you and Identify WHY this element(s) of the experience was important and worth reflecting upon.Abstract Conceptualization: “what I learned”/”so what” sectionMake connections and reflect on the significance of the experience and relate it to what you already knew/understood; discuss the meaning of what you experienced and how it has changed youApplication “now what” sectionIdentify the implications of what you have learned for future experiences and discuss how you anticipate applying the  knowledge that you have gained to new experiences or situations in your life Health Science Science Nursing MANAGEMENT IBO 04 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)