Compare and contrast one of the following sets of pain terms in the table below.1) Define the terms2) Compare and contrast the terms3) Describe the underlying anatomical/physiologic/pathophysiologic processes4) Provide information about the sensory/ discriminative (duration, intensity, and quality) aspects of the pain for terms with an asterisk.          Sympathetically mediated* and deafferentation* painCentral sensitization and peripheral sensitization     Painful mononeuropathies* and polyneuropathies*Primary, secondary, and opioid induced hyperalgesia*     Neural plasticity and central disinhibitionGate Control Theory and Opioid Receptor Theory     Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I* and Type II*Allodynia, hyeralgesia, dysesthesia and radiculopathy     Sensory-Discriminative, Motivational-Affective, Cognitive-Evaluative components of pain and emotional pain (e.g., grief, suffering)Pain threshold and pain tolerance         Breakthrough pain* (flare, episodic, incident pain, non-volitional pain, end-of-dose failure) Procedural pain* and acute pain* Health Science Science Nursing NUR 135 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)