Community Case: Client With DisabilityCase Part 1 Allison Martin, a 20-year-old freshman college student, is a paraplegic after a skiing accident that happened when she was 15 years old. She also has dyslexia, not related to the accident. She meets weekly with staff at the office for disability on campus to address her educational needs and accommodations. She is comfortable with her learning support counselor, Jane Logan. Allison shares with Jane that she is concerned about her female health issues, especially now that she is a college student living away from home. Jane refers Allison to the student health center. Questions for students: What concerns you about Allison?Is there any other information you might need from Allison to best care for her?What are appropriate techniques for communicating with a patient in a wheelchair?What are the legal dimensions of providing a barrier-free environment for Allison?  Health Science Science Nursing CNURSING MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)