case study: Acute Respiratory Failure patient profile: P.C. is a… case study: Acute Respiratory Failurepatient profile:P.C. is a 75-yeaer-old married woman with severe oxygen and corticosteroid dependent COPD. she is admitted to the medical ICU with ARF and pneumonia. subjective Data:complains of increasing shortness of breath and difficulty breathing on minimal exertionObjective Data: ABGs on 2L O2 /min: pH 7.3PaCO2 55mmHgpaO2 60 mmHgSaO2 84%awake, alert and orientedsitting in tripod position and using pursed-lip breathing collaborative care:O2 at 2 L/min per noninvasive positive-pressure ventilationAlbuterol (Ventolin, Proventil) nebulization every hour PRNIV aminophyllineIV antibioticsIV corticosteroids Questions:1. what type of respiratory failure is P.C primarily experiencing?briefly describe how this situation illustrates the concept of acute chronic respiratory failure.2.what factors contributed to the development of respiratory failure in P.C.?3. what are the pathophysiologic effects and clinical manifestations of P.C.’s respiratory failure?4.How do the tripod position and pursed-lip breathing contribute to respiratory function?  Health Science Science Nursing NURS 119A Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)