Care Plan Template  PES Statement: Hypercapnic respiratory failure (Too much CO2 in the blood)        Assessment Data/Client OutcomesNursing InterventionsRationale/EvidenceEvaluationDefining Characteristics(SMART: specific,(Nursing initiatedBased(Expected Outcomes(Signs and symptomsmeasurable, achievable,actions based on the(Reasons why eachachieved? Notsupporting the chosenrealistic and timemedical plan of careintervention is expectedachieved?nursing diagnosis)specific)and client outcomes)to work; connect toWhat is next? Future   nursing theory,plan)   pathophysiology, APA    cited) Pt has chronic HypercapnicRespiratory failureCo2 lab : 108 mmol/LHAdmitted by shortness of breathUse Trach 8l 32% ongoing home oxygen needPEG-tube NPOSkin extremely dryVita signT 36.7HR 68BP 10.7RR 18O2 96% AO*3 NonverbalShe is independent to bathroom and mobilityShe is preparing for discharging. Patients and their caregivers are discharged with demonstrating the knowledge and skills appropriate for tracheostomy a competent understanding of what to do in an emergency. A tracheostomy safety box should be sent with the patient, as well as portable suction and nebulizer machines.1.Pt ongoing home oxygen need use Tracheostomy8l,32%.2. Collaborate with the case manager or social worker as appropriate to attain equipment and arrange for home caregivers or nurses.3. Provide instruction in sterile tracheostomy care and suctioning.3. Instruct in the need to call health care provider if the amount of secretions increases or a change in colour or characteristic occurs and Reinforce the client’s knowledge of the following emergency technique (Fibi & Jester, 2019) .1. Hypercapnia: To modify CO2 content in blood one needs to modify alveolar ventilation. To do this, the tidal volume or the respiratory rate may be tampered with (T low and P Low in APRV). Raising the rate or the tidal volume, as well as increasing T low, will increase ventilation and decrease CO2.2.Continuity of care is facilitated using appropriate resources.3. Changes could signify the presence of an infection.Preparing ahead of time can reduce distress and complications. The client will feel more secure in the home environment with a means for rapid communication in an emergency. (Fibi & Jester, 2019)     I need to correct me if aim write wrong and what should write  for Evolution part  Health Science Science Nursing PNC 301 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)