Articles 1: Zejnullahu, V.A., Isjanovska, R., Sejfija, Z. et al…. Articles 1: Zejnullahu, V.A., Isjanovska, R., Sejfija, Z. et al. Surgical site infections after cesarean sections at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo: rates, microbiological profile and risk factors. BMC Infect Dis 19, 752 (2019). Article 2: Gomaa, K., Abdelraheim, A.R., El Gelany, S. et al. Incidence, risk factors and management of post cesarean section surgical site infection (SSI) in a tertiary hospital in Egypt: a five year retrospective study. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 21, 634 (2021). PICO Question: What is the duration for recovery for patients have had an emergency c-section who developed postoperative infections opposed to those who did not during the first 4 weeks of recovery? Write a summary of each article or resource and describe how each one relates to your PICO question.Identify the level of evidence in each article and describe the relative strengths and applicability of the study to your PICO question by using the AACCN hierarchy of evidence.Synthesize the evidence from both articles into a statement that supports your PICO question.Describe any additional evidence that you think will be necessary to support your PICO question.Finally, describe any gaps in the literature related to the PICO question.  Health Science Science Nursing NURS MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)