Appropriate data collection is a critical component in obtaining useful data for your research.  Using your proposed research topic and research questions, explain your plan for data collection. & Discuss potential issues in your data collection plan and your plans to overcome these challenges. TOPIC:  Investigating The Ethical Relationship Between Insured and Uninsured Adults in The United States RESEARCH QUESTIONS:  Are adults who are uninsured compared with the insured have lower admission rates and fewer visits to the hospital in the last year?In community-dwelling adults what is the effect of being uninsured on access to care higher compared with being insured?Among the adults does being uninsured effect the goal of the physicians to preserve human dignity compared with being insured?For the adult population does being uninsured lead to a higher risk of being neglected by the healthcare providers compared to the insured within the period of care?   Health Science Science Nursing NURS 540 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)