answering the following Questions about the state of Rhode Island1. Where is the Board Located and How you contact them?2. How many members are on the Board? What is each person’s background? (RN, community member,etc. )3. How long are the terms, and what is the maximum length someone can serve?4. Are members compensated? How much?5. Are Board meetings open to the Public?6.Locate the Board Newsletter, can it be downloaded?7.How do you submit questions to the Board office?8. Describe the application process for initial licensure and request for NCLEX-RN Examination. 9. Is this state license a multi-state licensure? If so, what other states are included? if not, how does a nurse obtain reciprocity? 10.How long is an RN license good for, what is the application and renewal fee?11. Does the licensure require a criminal background check? If yes, what is the fee? What is the process?12. Can a nurse renew an existing license online? If so what is the process?13. How many contact hours does a nurse need to renew? (Continuing competence)14. Does the website allow you to search for active or disciplinary actions against a nursing license?15. Is there information about State Emergency preparedness?  Read the state’s Nurse Practice Act .  What does it allow the RN to do? Is it similar or different to New Hampshire and Massachusetts states?      Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NSG206 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)