A nulliparous woman presents for a routine prenatal visit at 41 weeks’gestation. She is concerned that she has not yet gone into labor. Fetal wellbeing is reassuring. 1. How is post-term pregnancy defined? How often does it occur? 2. What causes some pregnancies to continue post-term? 3. On further review, she is not certain of her LMP. Is this important and, if so, what criteria should be used to confirm gestational age? 4. What are the risks to the fetus of post-term pregnancy? 5. Does post-term pregnancy pose any increased risk to the mother? 6. What are the current recommendations for the management of post-term pregnancy? 7. After weighing the risks and benefits of induction of labor, the patient and her husband decide that they would like to go home and await the spontaneous onset of labor. How should this patient be followed? Health Science Science Nursing NUR OB Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)