A. Create a computer-generated mind map that identifies the main ideathat contributes to or impedes joy in work and includes the following factors:•   three individual factors•   three-team or department factors•   three organizational factors Note: This assessment requires you to complete the force field analysis using the “Force Field Analysis Template” in the Supporting Documents section. Save and submit your force field analysis as a PDF or Word document (i.e., DOC or DOCX). Using another file type may cause the file to be too large to submit.  C. Write reflects and emotional intelligence power skills to handle difficult workplace situations and implement joy in the workplace by doing the following:1.  Describe, using scholarly sources, how advanced professional nurses can manage difficult workplace situations by using each of the following social and emotional intelligence power skills:•   self-awareness•   self-management•   interpersonal communication•   executive function•   social awareness2.  Describe how you, as an advanced professional nurse, would use two of the social and emotional intelligence power skills in the workplace to achieve each of the following results:•   a professional presence•   enhanced mindfulness in healthcare•   a positive social presence to promote a sense of caring and belonging•   a culture of joy to solve the problem of incivility in the workplace and initiate organizational change3.  Discuss how you, as an advanced professional nurse leader, would implement the four steps from the “IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work” (see Supporting Documents) in the workplace, including one strategy for each of the four steps.4.  Include three or more scholarly sources in your reflection paper.    Health Science Science Nursing MASTERS D024 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)