A 48-year-old male was admitted for PT and OT to maintain strengthfor Parkinson’s disease. He requires continued monitoring and is not able to live alone. He also has type 1 diabetes mellitus and COPD.Primary:Secondary (3): The resident is admitted to the nursing home following hospitalization for acute osteomyelitis and gangrene due to a chronic nonhealing stage 3 decubitus ulcer of the right ankle. Antibiotic therapy is continued. The resident is a type 1 diabetic with peripheral vascular disease due to diabetes. The resident also has stage 4 chronic kidney disease, hypertension, and is status post left below-the-knee amputation. Past medical history also includes hypercholesterolemia and chronic alcoholism which is in remission.Primary:Secondary (8): Health Science Science Nursing MEDICAL BI HIM226 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)