A 41-year-old male presents with 6 weeks of nasal congestion, yellow-greensinus drainage, fatigue, and intermittent facial and head pain.  His symptoms started as a post-nasal drip, and then progressed to nasal congestion with the aforementioned sinus drainage.  He initially self-treated with 10 days of oral clarithromycin and an extended-release guaifenesin-pseudoephedrine product, with no relief.  His symptoms did abate temporarily, but then returned with similar intensity. -Discuss the common cause of sinusitis and methods used to diagnose sinusitis. -Describe expected clinical findings. -Discuss treatment options for bacterial sinusitis.please answer all three questions with at least 2 or more peer review reference that are no older than 5 years.  provide reference APA format.thank you Health Science Science Nursing NSG 554 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)