A 26-year-old primigravid, Mrs Go, from Nevada Tarlac, is admitted to the birthing unit at around 6 in the morning and you are the charge nurse working in labor and delivery in thatbirthing unit. As you complete your assessment with Mrs. Go you determines that she’s in thelate latent phase of labor. The vital signs were as follows: T-36.5 °C, PR-74/minute, RR-22/minute, BP-120/70, FHT-145/minute, Cervical dilatation of 4 cm, 50% effaced, intact BOW,with mild contractions of 1-2 times in 10 minutes and informed the doctor on duty of yourassessment and the doctor ordered admit to LR, request for UA, CBC, HBsAG, insert D5LR 1Lx 15 gtts/minut, EPO 4 capsules intravaginal every 30 minutes, HNBB 1-amp IV every fourhours, monitor POL, FHT.What should be the pathophysiology on this scenario? Make it in a diagram form. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NCM 104 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)