31. A client fell 6 hours ago when the nurse enters the room to turnthe client the nurse notes that the is restless and grimacing. What should the nurse do next in this situation?a. Turn and reposition the clientb. Leave the client’s room so the client can rest quietlyc. Assess to determine the cause of the grimacingd. Administer pain medication to the client32. Which of the following objective data indicates the client has a nursing diagnosis of impaired urinary elimination?a. Colostomyb. Urinalysis resultsc. Urostomy33. A client had been admitted to a post-surgical unit with a patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) system. Which statement is true of this medication delivery system?a. The dose that is delivered when the client activates the machine is presetb. Thorough client education is necessary to prevent overdosesc. The antidote is automatically delivered if the client exceeds the recommended dosed. Use of opioid analgesic in a PCA is contraindicated due to the risk of respiratory depression34. A nurse is teaching a client’s adult son about how to position the client when administering enteral feedings at home. Which of the following statement—— understanding of the teaching?a. I will elevate the head of the bed 10 degrees during the feeding.b. I will allow him to be in the position where he is most comfortable during the feedingc. I will turn him on his left side during the feedingd. I will have him sit in his chair during the feeding35. A nurse is changing the stoma appliance on client’s ileostomy, which characteristic of stoma would indicate anemia?a. The stoma is purple-blue colorb. The stoma is a pale pink colorc. The stoma is swollen36. What oxygen device can deliver the highest concentration of oxygen in the spontaneously breathing client?a. Nasal cannulab. Simple face maskc. Nonrebreather maskd. Ambu bag37. A female resident in long-term care facility is embarrassed about her incontinence. What nursing intervention could aid in meeting the needs ofa. Teach the patient that incontinence is a normal part of agingb. Encourage the family to purchase better incontinence padsc. Teach the patient kegel exercises at regular intervals daily38. The nurse knows that communication can occurs by verbal or non-verbal methos. What are example of non-verbal communication the nurse may observe in a client? )select all that apply)a. Eye contactb. Silencec. Postured. Writing e. Touch39. The nurse is assessing a client receiving a continuous opioid infusion. For which condition would the nurse immediately notify the primary care provider ?a. Mild confusionb. A respiratory rate of 10 with normal depthc. Constipationd. A Pasero scale sedation level of 440. The nurse is caring for client for a client who need a liver transplant. The client has health insurance and ask the nurse about options for treatment The nurse obtains information about the client and answers questions truthfully what ethical principle is the nurse demonstratinga. Justiceb. Autonomyc. Accountabilityd. Fidelity Health Science Science Nursing FUNDS 224 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)