26, when the nurse notes that an infant can lift her head before shecan sit, the nurse is assessing what type of development A, general to specific B, proximodistal C, cephalocaudal D, specific to general  27, a nurse is planning care for a 5-year-old child whose immunizations are up to date. Which of the following vaccines would this child need now?A, hepatitis B (HBV)B, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PVC)C, measles , mumps, and rubella (MMR)D, haemophiles influenzae type B (HIB)28, there are so many advantages to breastfeeding both for the infant and for the mom , if mom has had a cesarean section at what point can she begin breastfeeding her infant?A, rooming in should be avoided , it is too loud and not conductive to breastfeeding B, breastfeeding can begin as soon as mom and baby return from surgery C, there is a two-hour window during which the mother cannot breastfeed D, anyone having a cesarean should plan to bottle feed  29, a nurse is caring for an infant who is small for gestational age. Immediately after delivery , the nurse works to prevent cold stress related to heat loss, which action should the nurse take first?A, submerge the infant in a warm tub of water B, place the infant in a preheated warmer C, allow the infant to bond with the mother D, dry the infant thoroughly with a warm blanket  30 -Anew mother states her preference to formula feed her newborn. what will the nursing planning discharge instructions tell her to help suppress lactation and promote comfortA]Stand in a warm shower, letting the water spray over the breastB]Express small amounts of milk from the breasts several times a dayC]water wear well-fitting bra continuously for several daysD]massage the breasts when they ache 31-which of the following best describes care of a newborn’s umbilical cord?A]Fasten the diaper low to allow for air circulationB]dress the stump with antibiotic ointment at every diaper changeC]keep the area covered with a sterile dressingD]give the newborn a daily tub bath until the cord falls off 32-Anurse at a well clinic is collecting data about a nine-month- old infant.The nurse understands that what occurs at this stage of development?A]can scribble with crayonsB]fears strangersC]use of one-to-word sentencesD]walking with one hand held. 33]A new mom is concerned that sometimes her newborn eyes appear to be crossed.What nurse’s response is most appropriate?A]does the infant seem to be worse when he is tired?B]we will consult a pediatric ophthalmologist to assess for abnormalitiesC]This is normal finding until about six weeks. We will reassess it at that time.D]There are some exercises that you can do with your baby to correct this. 34-which symptom may indicate endometritis in a postpartum woman?A]Fever of greater than 100.4 degree on the third day following delivery.B]Lochia serosa on the third day following deliveryC]Breast engorgement that is not relieved by breastfeeding.D]Elevated WBC of 15000 on the third day following delivery 35-The nurse assesses a boggy uterus with the fundus above the umbilicus and deviates to the  side ,what should be the nurse’s next assessment?A ] level of the painB]Fullness of the  bladderC] blood pressureD] amount of lochia    Health Science Science Nursing NUR C NURSIN Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)