2.Describe the types of evidence researchers use to infer heritability. There are three types of evidence researchers use to infer heritability which are the comparison of monozygotic which means from one egg or dizygotic from two eggs. Monozygotic Identical twins or fraternal twins from two eggs (dizygotic). Researchers observe the differences in traits such as differences in hair and eye color. If identical twins have the same hair color and fraternal twins have different hair color, the hair color is heritable because there are more genes being shared by identical twins. So we know now that some traits are more heritable than others. Another or second kind of evidence that researchers use are adopted children. Adopted children do not have any heritable traits from their parents.If the birth parents of the adopted child don’t have brown eyes then the child will not have brown eyes even if both adopted parents have brown eyes.  People use the information from observational research: did the child receive brown eyes from the biological parents?  If the brown eye came from the biological parents it is likely that eye color is heritable.  Third kind of evidence that researchers use is the identification of genes that may be associated with specific behavior. How the collect the genes   Health Science Science Nursing PSYCH 1005 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)