2. Childhood cancer happens as a result of: A. Mother standing by… 2.  Childhood cancer happens as a result of: A.  Mother standing by the microwave while pregnantB.  Genetic mutation at the DNA level in a single cellC.  Too much environmental exposure (sun, smoking, McDonald’s)  3. Approximately how many children and young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States?A.  1 in 500 children B.  1 in 300 children C.  1 in 200 children D.  1 in 100 children  4.  What is the overall survival rate for childhood cancer? A.  30 % B.  50% C.  80% D.95%5. What is the most common type of childhood cancer? A. Lymphoma B. Leukemia C.CNS tumors6.  What methods are used to treat childhood cancer?A. Chemotherapy B. Biotherapy C. Radiation D. Surgery E.  All of the above  7.  Leukemia is cancer of theA.  Red blood cells B.  White blood cells C.  Lymph nodes D.All of the above  Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 4325 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)