1. Which of the following is a least likely risk factor associated… 1. Which of the following is a least likely risk factor associated with those who abuse the elderly?a. History of mental illnessb. Overwhelmed with caregivingc. Poor self-imaged. Younger age2. Of the following list, which is the least therapeutic to use as an alternative to physical restraints?a. Chemical restraintsb. Increased staffc. Safer physical design of the living aread. Manipulation of the environment3. The nurse is assessing an older woman with dementia, brought to the emergency room by her adult son caregiver. Which of the following signs most alert the nurse to the possibility that the woman may be abused?a. the woman has bruises of various colors on many inner aspects of her bodyb. the woman is confusedc. the woman is stiff when she walksd. the son says his mother does dangerous things sometimes4. In reporting suspected elder abuse, which of the following is true?a. nurses are not obligated in any way to report suspicionsb. all reporting is a matter of public recordc. guidelines for reporting vary by stated. the police should also be called to arrest the perpetrator5. The description “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” is most descriptiveof which type of leadership?a. 21st Century Leadershipb. Charismatic Leadershipc. Servant Leadershipd. Transactional Leadership  Health Science Science Nursing NURS C475 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)