1- What information will you need to confirm with your supervisor prior to conducting an assessment?  2-Recognised assessment tools are used to record and promote each person’s health and wellbeing. Assessment tools are developed by the support worker, with their supervisor and other health professionals, to ensure the right tool is being used to gather the right information that will assist the older person to identify their particular health risks. Different methods of assessment can be used depending on the context.List five (5) assessment tools that are used in your workplace and give an example of what each one is used for in determining risk based on physical indicators.1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 3-Older people and their carers will only be involved in the assessment if they understand their role, and if they want to be involved. How you could encourage an older person and their carer to participate in the assessment process? 4-When you have worked in community services for a period of time you will understand your own role and responsibilities and those of others. Older individuals may not be familiar with the role of a support worker or supervisor so you may need to clarify your role.Where can you find information about the boundaries of your role?  5-What information should you provide to the older person and their carer regarding your responsibilities and accountability? What is the risk if you do not clarify your own role?  6-What is your duty of care regarding sharing information with the older person, their carer and other health professionals?7-Describe the communication strategies you would use when providing information to the older person and their carer regarding the assessment process and results. 8-Provide an example of how you would demonstrate respectful communication to ensure the right level of understanding and cultural relevance under the following headings.GesturesPersonal SpaceGender RelationsLanguageGreetings9-Give an example of how human rights are integrated into work practices, procedures and policies.10-A risk is anything that may result in harm or injury. It is essential to identify, report or address anything that may be a risk to the person’s health or wellbeing.Below are examples of risks to the older person. For each example what are three (3) signs might you witness that could indicate the older person is at risk? Example of risksSigns to indicate person is at riskDepression and anxietyIsolationAbuseFallsExample of risksSigns to indicate person is at riskMedicationDehydration and MalnutritionDysphagiaContinence  11-What do you do as part of your role to prevent, detect and report abuse?  THESE ARE ALL RELEVANT TO AGED ACRE HOPE YOU CAN HELP       Health Science Science Nursing NURS 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)