1 – MAYA   what  assistance can Benny give to other staff to assist them to communicate with Maya?  Maya is an Aboriginal lady from the Kimberley region. She lives in a small, remote community but has recently entered an aged care facility as she is seriously ill with cancer. She is not expected to live more than a few months. The closest aged care facility that could take her was four hour’s drive from her home. The facility has only one male Aboriginal worker, Benny. The rest of the personal care workers are all female non-Aboriginal people. Most of the residents at the facility are not Aboriginal.Maya does not settle well into the facility. She does not eat the food unless it has been brought to her from her family. She likes to chat with Benny and tells him that he is the only one who understands how she feels about being so far away from home. She will not let Benny assist her with tasks such as dressing and bathing, however, as he is male. She often refuses to shower.Other residents have complained that Maya is rude and often ignores them, and never looks them in the face. They also say she is dirty and they do not want to associate with her.  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)