What to do this week: This week you will be comparing two research… What to do this week:This week you will be comparing two research studies. You will pick a topic you feel passionate about in nursing. This topic does not have to relate to your DNP project or dissertation. Make sure you pick something you can easily find published literature.The two research articles must be from the last 5 years, please only use scholarly peer reviewed publications. The research can be any design e.g. mixed method, qualitative or quantitative.As you will find out in this course, I am a huge proponent for headings, your paper should have several headings to keep you focused and organized. It works best to address each article separately before comparing them in the paper. Please do not use the instruction questions as your headings. Here are my recommended headings according to the rubric;IntroductionTopicSearch Process (engines used, terms, how was search narrowed)Article #1            Type of study (with rationale)            Level of Evidence            Sample            Research Methods            ResultsArticle #2Type of study (with rationale)            Level of Evidence            Sample            Research Methods            ResultsComparison            Quality of Research Methods                      Strengths and Weaknesses            Usefulness to PracticeConclusion  Instruction  LOCATE AND COMPARE EVIDENCE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWThe purpose of this assignment is to help students develop competency in locating quality, high-level research about a chosen topic as well as analyze and compare two research studies.Identify a research topic in the field of nursing that is of interest to you. Keep the topic straightforward and something easily addressed by research studies. An example would be how well diabetics adhere to a diabetic diet. Perform a literature search to locate articles published in the last 3 – 5 years that will address the topic. Use at least 2 appropriate databases (CINAHL, MEDLINE, PubMed, etc.) to find pertinent articles. Limit your search to scholarly, peer reviewed journals. Narrow your search down to two articles that provide the best evidence for the chosen topic. These articles must be about a research study, not opinion or practice example type articles. To assist with your search, the Jerry Falwell Library (JFL) has various tutorials available as well a nursing research guide. Be sure to take the time to explore the JFL and its various resources as you will be using them throughout the program. There are also links to various resources in the readings section of this module. Feel free as well to consult an undergraduate level nursing research text or other sources as needed. Be sure to cite and provide a reference for any sources used. 1. Please describe the search process for the research articles. What search engines did you use? What terms did you use in the search? How did you narrow your search and decide on the two articles?2. Provide a brief analysis of each article, addressing the following:a. Identify the type of study and provide rationale for your answer. Be specific as to the type of study. You must identify the type of study beyond the broad category of quantitative research. There are many types of research and it’s important to understand the differences. Common types of research in nursing include:o Qualitative (case study, grounded theory, phenomenology, ethnography) o Quantitative (experimental, quasi-experimental, descriptive, correlational)o Mixed Methods (qualitative and quantitative)o Systematic Reviewo Meta-AnalysisNote: You will generally not use qualitative studies as evidence for a practice change but it’s important to know the difference between qualitative vs. quantitative research when reviewing articles. b. Refer to the Melnyk levels of evidence to determine level of evidence. If you’ve correctly identified the type of research, this can be easily determined. Please indicate the level of evidence and provide rationale.c. Describe:NURS 700Page 2 of 2o The sample (number of subjects, general characteristics)o Research methods (instruments used, number of groups, information collected, analysis, etc.)o Results of the research (statistical significance, overall results, implications)3. Compare and contrast the two articles to include:a. Quality of research methodsb. Strengths and weaknessesc. Usefulness to inform practiceKeep in mind that the level of evidence (Melnyk) does not necessarily correspond with the usefulness of a research study to inform practice. A highly controlled study may not mirror “real life” patient situations. A descriptive study is not well controlled but may better describe what happens in the clinical arena. INSTRUCTIONS· This assignment must be at least 5 pages, adhere to current APA format and utilize at least five scholarly sources (including the articles themselves). Refer to the LU graduate level template and sample paper if needed for formatting. · Please write this as a formal paper in narrative format. · Use headings to separate sections of the paper. · Include a title page but not an abstract or table of contents. · Provide citations for all sources as you use them in the paper and include a reference page. · When referring to each article analyzed, you can list the title initially but then cite by author and year in APA format. Do not refer to articles with language such as “article one” or “the first article”. · Do not use first person or excessive quotations.  Health Science Science Nursing NURS 700 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)