This is a 28-year-old male that presents to the clinic with a PMHof occasional anxiety r/t to stress of Grad School and now career pressures as well as concerns for recent Covid-19 outbreak.  He has been c/o difficulty sleeping and has been prescribe Melatonin in the past.   He has had recent domestic travel for work r/t meetings in the state of Virginia. He is employed at a local University where there have been confirmed cases of Covid-19. Since arriving home approximately 1 week ago he has developed sinus congestion, runny nose with clear mucous and a cough. Of note he was seen at another walk-in for symptoms of the same and he was diagnosed with a Sinus Infection and started on Doxycycline and Hydralazine for a bit of Anxiety r/t to his symptoms. He denies fever, cough, fatigue, and shortness of breath and no foul taste in his mouth, chest pain, palpitations, orthopnea, nocturnal dyspnea, or edema.MEDS: MEDICATIONS: Doxycycline 100 Mg PO BID x 10 days. Hydralazine 50 mg PO BID for anxiety. Melatonin 0.3 mg as needed for sleep OTC. Health Science Science Nursing MSN 6609 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)