Subject: Nursing InformaticsTopic: Issues in Nursing informatics Instruction: Elaborate and explain extensively. Include references below.  Due to an increasing population demographics and their various states of health, the healthcare system is facing monumental challenges. The risk of harm also increases as a result of inadequate information transfer, misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment plans, and failure to coordinate and manage care among health care workers. Nowadays, technology are being utilized in patient-care to lessen the workload of nurses such as barcode tags for patients, computerized prescriber order entry and the like.  1. Having just emerged to these technologies, what should be done to ensure the accuracy, safety, and privacy of patient records?  2. What could be the possible solutions for nurses to be able to keep up with the emerging technology nowadays?  3. How can issues of Nursing Informatics be dealt with in order for it to be more efficient and advantageous for both the patient and the health workers? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)