(PLEASE CREATE A NURSING CARE PLAN. Minimum of 3 NANDA nursing diagnosis.It must be relevant to the woman/pregnant and the baby. Explain why that nursing diagnosis you made is relevant to case scenario (mother and baby). Include also the goals and interventions with rationales.) Instruction: Make your plan of care for Amarah until she can safely deliver. Make a Nursing Care Plan(NCP) with a minimum of three Nursing Diagnosis. Prioritization of Nursing Diagnosis should be observed.NAME:AMARAH MANAGE :23 year oldSTATUS : MARRIED for TWO (2) yearsG1 PO visited Barangay Health Station for her regular check upBody Temperature: 37 degrees Celsius Heart Rate: 80Pulse: 80Respiratory Rate: 20Blood Pressure: 140/90Body weight: 50kilos Height 5’3 feet For Urine:Color: YellowTransparency: TurbidSugar: NEGATIVEProtein: NEGATIVEPus: 2-4/HPFCast: FewBacteria: ModerateMucus: ThreadCBC – Hemoglobin 10 g/dl the rest is normal. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)