CASE STUDY: ACID – BASE IMBALANCEThe patient is a 28-year-old female who presents with a complaint of muscular weakness and fatigue. She has lost 30 pounds since her last office visit one year ago. She has no other complaints.Medications- multivitaminsAllergies-noneOn physical exam she is a cachectic female appearing fatigued. Blood pressure 100/76, pulse 88, respirations 16 and she was afebrile. HEENT exam was remarkable for an erythematous pharynx with scattered excoriations. The remainder of the exam was normal except for her marked weight loss. Laboratory data                       Chemistry .Normal ValuesArterial Blood GasUrineSodium 136136-146 mmol/LpH 7.48PCO2 48 mmHgPO2 80 mmHgbicarbonate 36 mmol/LpH 6.0Potassium 2.83.5-5.3 mmol/LChloride 8598-108 mmol/LTotal CO2  3623-27 mmol/LBUN 207-22 mg/dlCreatinine 1.00.7-1.5 mg/dlGlucose 8070-110 mg/dlAnswer the following questions based on above case study 1. What is the primary acid-base abnormality? 2. How did he compensate for metabolic alkalosis?  3. What are the common causes for metabolic alkalosis? 4. What clinical condition(s) is (are) responsible for the acid-base disturbance in this patient? 5. What are the physiologic mechanisms responsible for the generation of this disturbance?6. Formulate a nursing diagnosis related to this case study and include one short and one long term goal. 7. Please state 3 interventions for each patient goal. 8. Formulate SBAR related to this case scenario.  Health Science Science Nursing MTPB1A0Z NUR2571 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)