This Week’s assignment is based upon student’s work in understandingthe role of health promotion in populations to improve health status.   This week we will focus on the Social Ecological Model of Health behavior. Please be sure to do all the readings in the book on models of health behavior and the article posted here on the Social Ecological model prior to recording the video.Social Ecological Model  Download Social Ecological ModelarticleKeeping in mind the agency ( I’m using A place from Dementia patients), population and health issue from a dementia facility .  Use a professional approach that incorporates what you have learned in this class. This written assignment  prompts to follow are: -Briefly describe what the constructs/components are of the Social Ecological model and the function of each. -Describe in detail how these components relate to your health issue in the population you chose for the OLE. Your population should be described specifically (i.e., Hispanic adults ages X to X, African American children ages X to X, White elderly people from age X to X… a population that is meaningful to you and makes sense with the population served by your agency). While your agency may not describe their services and programs as limited to these populations specifically, it may help you with your writing and research to narrow the focus this way. -Visit the literature (peer reviewed only) about your health issue and population and find ONE (1) article that uses this model to promote healthier behavior in your population. Summarize the key findings as to the success of the application of this model to promoting healthier behaviors. -Consider the programs and services offered by the agency( Dementia in elder population) and report and describe which services and/or programs they offer that could use this model as the basis for promoting health. Provide details to support your answer.REFERENCES:,and%20139%20million%20in%202050. Health Science Science Nursing HSC 423 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)