PART ONE: Alzheimer Diseaseo The title:  medical condition assigned  One page Management Summary Reference Form for the assigned medical or physical condition.  o Include clinical signs and symptoms of the disease/condition o Include common treatment modalities/ commonly used medications o Include drug interactions, the systemic implications, the adverse effects, if applicable. o Include clinical oral signs and symptoms that relate to the medical condition.  (If possible, use samples of photographs of physical signs and oral conditions) o Include management and special cautions of the patients in dental office o Include social, psychological, and cultural barrier factors that affect the patient’s ability to participate in usual dental or dental hygiene treatment recommendation. o Discuss and present any necessary consultation and/or referrals before dental hygiene treatment o Discuss and present how dental services should be conducted or not conducted.   How the clinician should manage the patient with the condition in dental office.   Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 110 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)