Ok I asked this so many times and I guess the question is not thatclear. so basically the professors told us “how are we going to address this man?” this is for nursing leadership class. The issue is every time I get an answer they always talk about the mechanisms of covid and they do it with the 42 year old man’s point of view. the question is asking for the best response to the man’s issue.   -A 42-year-old man calls his healthcare provider complaining of a sore throat and a persistent dry cough. He states there has been a reported case of COVID-19 at his place of employment. He is advised to stay at home and self-isolate and to call his doctor if his symptoms get worse or change. The client is hesitant to follow doctor orders because he provides the primary income and support for his family. -Write a 1- to 2-page paper using peer-reviewed literature addressing the best response to this client.Please help me. I asked this for the nth time already.  Health Science Science Nursing NURSING BSN 335 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)