Nursing class- adult healthCritical thinking assignment- respiratoryThe topics covered in this course are very complex and need to be studied in such a way that students can “see themselves” applying this information in clinical situations. Memorization learning approaches do not work well in this case. To help students think about the application of knowledge, critical thinking questions will be answered. For each topic there will be a critical thinking question to which each student will prepare a written response. Students should consider the psychosocial,  developmental, cultural and physiological aspects of the patient.  Your responses should not read like the book.  Look for how you will adapt your care to meet the individualized patient. Think about what you would need to consider prior to discharge along with care in the hospital.  Case Study: Your patient is a 36 year old, Chinese man married with two young children.  He has a history of smoking cigarettes for 20 years, one pack a day.  He works as a machinist in a factory manufacturing metal tools and models for tool making.  He has worked in this factory for 17 years.  He makes model airplanes and railroad sets as a hobby.  He denies any medical history except seasonal allergies.  He is currently in the hospital being treated for pneumonia at which time he received the new diagnosis of emphysema.  Describe what you would assess and teaching strategies that you might use to provide education about managing emphysema.  What methods will you use to reinforce this education? Health Science Science Nursing NURS 330 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)