Mrs. Salonga, 75, was admitted to the hospital due to severe case… Mrs. Salonga, 75, was admitted to the hospital due to severe case of pneumonia. Her condition rapidly deteriorated despite of aggressive antibiotic therapy and she died unexpectedly after 3 days stay in the hospital. Mrs. Salonga’s eldest daughter cannot believe that his mother is dead, he had difficulty attending the funeral, has been unable to sleep or eat and can’t concentrate at work. The middle son lived near his mother’s house and he arranged for the funeral. He was the one who cared for his mother when she was sick. He misses his mother and cries from time to time but has managed to come to work the following after the funeral. The youngest son did not cry at the funeral, is very distant and had a little to say to his brothers and relatives. He is back at work but feels very tired and apathetic.From the data above, Identify and explain the phase of bereavement being experienced by each of the surviving children.   2. What are the things that may have affected how each of the siblings reacted to the death of their mother?   3. Explain each of the following:a. Rigor Mortisb. Algor Mortisc. Livor Mortis  4. Having the diagnosis of Pneumonia, identify the significant palliative need that she might have had.   5.  What cues, other than physical signs, might have given evidence that she is already dying, even though her    death is unexpected?     (Make a Concept Map)Mr. Jose is a 25 year old , call center agent who was admitted to the hospital with elevated temperature, fatigue, rapid labored breathing and moderately dehydrated. The nursing history reveals that he has a bad cold that have been lasting for a few weeks already. She smoked one pack of cigarettes per day since she was 18 year old. CXR show right lobar infiltration confirming pneumonia.             Physical Examination Data:                          Temp: 39.8oC                          Pulse : 68 bpm                          Respiration Rate : 28/min                          BP : 120/80With pale skin, uses accessory muscle, inspiratory crackles with diminished breath sounds @    right lung and expectorating thick yellow sputum. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NR708 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)