I need help responding to this.A change that occurred on my floor/unitrecently is the implementation of documentation of education for home medication.  I know that seems odd, we should be providing education on all medication when administered.  However this is education for medication the patient is already taking at home prior to the current admission.  Unfortunately, our overall attitude is, why are we making more work for ourselves?  The patient already takes it at home, they should know what it is.  Bottom line is, we are running into situations of patients saying they stopped taking it because they no longer have the need for it when actually they do. My favorite is “my A1C is fine, I don’t need to take my Metformin anymore, its not even insulin.”. Right now we are in the beginning stages of the implementation. Optimism from our manager is being presented along with humor for acceptance.  Our manager is also asking us for ideas on materials or approach to patients.  Also a computer flag is currently being added to the MAR to help take the guess work out of what is their home med and what is new and already educated on. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)