how will you reply to this class discussion?A registered nurse and a Licensed practical nurse are two sets of initials on different name badges and often two very different roles. RN needs a minimum of a two-year degree or three-year diploma. RN has an expanded set of suites and is more frequently employed in hospital settings .they are expected to do more critical thinking on the job. LPN has only one year of nursing education, often cumulating in a certificate. The role of LPN is, as the name suggests, practical They are expected to inform any minor changes in inpatient care by a registered nurse or another medical professional. LPN: Professional standers defects the value of the nursing profession. It clarifies what the job expects of LPN. Professional standers of LPN are Responsibility and accountability, Competency-based care, Client-based provision of care, Ethical practice. Standers of practice for the RN. Think critically and analyze nursing practice. Engages in therapeutic and professional relationships. Maintain capability for training. Comprehensively conducts assessments. Develops a plan for nursing practice. Provides safe, appropriate, and responsive quality nursing practice. Evaluate outcomes to inform nursing practice. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NUR1055 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)