Goodmorning, please how do I go about answering these questions…. Goodmorning, please how do I go about answering these questions. using this link. Health Quality Ontario Quality Improvement Guide  Step 1: Complete the sections of the QI framework below (Topic, Unit, Date, AIM & MEASURES).   Under each part of the framework, please pay attention to italicized sections that will outline assignment expectations.Step 2:An important component of QI is to outline the process or problem.  Using one of the QI Process Tools outlined in section 4.1 (4.1.1-4.1.5) in the Health Quality Ontario Quality Improvement Guide opens in a new window, please identify the process involved for your identified area for improvement.  A link to the QI Process Tool Templates can be found in the guide.  Be as thorough as possible.  Utilizing your health care team resources will be helpful in completing the PROCESS TOOL section.  Step 3: Use your completed process tool to identify your top three ideas for change.  Then select one idea to use to complete a PDSA cycle (Part B of the assignment).  Be sure to complete all of the sections below:Topic:Unit:Date:    AIMWhat is the rationale for this QI project?Who is on your team? Provide thorough rationale from your practice.  Speaking to interprofessional team members to obtain their points of view will be beneficial. What is your AIM (ensure your AIM statement is clear, timely, stretchable & value)     MEASURESWhat will you measure? (consider: outcome, process & balancing measures); consider pre & post measures.1. 2.  3.  PROCESS TOOLInsert your Process tool below:      Review the data from your QI Process Tool.  Based on your analysis of the problem what are your top three ideas for change? 1. 2. 3. Which (1) idea would you like to test through a rapid PDSA cycle?Provide rationale for why you choose this idea.     Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 5502 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)