focusing on social justice: You are to look at how the segregation during the first half of the twentieth century affected normal people, both white and African American (and other minorities as well, like lack of civil rights for other minorities.) Look at the primary sources and CITE them, from the era. You will need to examine and analyze at least THREE of the following: images (photographs, paintings, advertisements, cartoons, and/or movies), written documents (diaries, newspaper/magazine articles or interviews, books/novels, poems), and/or oral documents (songs, stories, and allegories, oral histories.)  You may combine more than three of these, but must use at least three and must include your sources at the end of the paperThe goal of this paper is to help me be able to take primary sources of various kinds—including popular culture—and use them to understand how life was experienced during one of the times of segregation in American history.  Please write 3-4 pages. Health Science Science Nursing HIS 102 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)