Cultural competence is the ability to provide nursing care that incorporatesvalues and beliefs of individuals or groups. This week’s assignment is an opportunity to connect how culture care theory (CTT) and the evidence surrounding cultural competence could guide your future practiceFormat one- page double-spaced paper (about 400 words) with APA first-level headings that are centered and bolded (see below). Cover and reference page not included within the one-page limit. Cite three current (within 5-years of publication] peer-reviewed scholarly sources in the nursing literature from the University of phoenix library.  1. Provide an overview of Leininger’s culture care theory of diversity and universality [cite current, scholarly source/s from nursing literature] 2. Discuss the evidence (research) supporting cultural competence [cite current, scholarly source/s from nursing literature] 3. Explain how you will incorporate that evidence into your future practice as an advanced practice nurse [cite current, scholarly source/s from nursing literature4. Discuss a situation that would require you to apply concepts of the culture care theory5. Describe how implementing the concepts of culture care theory could improve outcomes [cite current, scholarly source/s from nursing literature] Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality Cultural Competence EvidenceIncorporation of Evidence in PracticeApplication of Theoretical Concepts Improvement of Outcomes Health Science Science Nursing NSG 511 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)