Clayton Christensen coined the phrase disruptive innovation based… Clayton Christensen coined the phrase disruptive innovation based on research. The theory he developed was published in a book 1997 (Christensen, 1997). The theory was aimed at business firms such as the disk-drive industry where he completed his research. Christensen defined distractive innovations as an innovation that changes existing sectors of society by introducing “simplicity, convenience, accessibility, and affordability” in situations where barriers and high cost are the existing state of affairs.A disruptive innovation often emerges in a situation that is considered unattractive or unimportant to those who are established in the business or occupation. However, the new idea has the potential and often initiates a complete change in the business or discipline.The nursing profession has thrived on disruptive innovations during its modern history. A nurse leader in disruptive innovations, Barbara Blakeney (2014), believes it is in the disciplines and publics best interest to encourage nurses to seek out opportunities for disruption as part of their role in health care. She sees that APRNs are well placed to take on this role.With an understanding of the theory of disruptive innovation and several examples from the documentary “The invisible patient” of the outcomes obtained from the APRN as a disruptive innovator, do you see the disruptive innovations as good or bad for nursing and the public? Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NSG5000 S0 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)