CH 20A 90 year-old male lives alone in an apartment and has had increasing loss of hearing.  After serving as an infantryman in WWII, he returned home and worked as a jackhammer operator for the highway department.  He has several children who live out of town and are concerned about his safety, but he is able to perform ADL’s and cooks and cleans for himself.  Every evening he has a shot of whiskey and enjoys a cigar and often falls asleep in his favorite recliner.  His doctor has finally convinced him to get a hearing aid. The nurse is doing a home assessment—what are the safety and security concerns the nurse will be assessing for? Besides teaching him how to use the hearing aid, what other assistive devices or equipment might the nurse recommend for this patient?  You may include pictures of the recommended equipment.   Health Science Science Nursing NSG 210 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)