Case Study: Therapeutic CommunicationA 20-year-old female visits the healthcare facility for a pre-surgery consultation. She has elected for liposuction but is doubtful and anxious about it. During the interview with the nurse, the patient says that she is not happy with the way she looks, has tried several diets unsuccessfully, and is not comfortable exercising. The patient prefers liposuction but feels apprehensive about it. She asks the nurse about the chances of her getting into shape after surgery. The nurse responds to this by saying, “I don’t think that liposuction will help when diets have not worked for you. Besides, you are averse to exercise. There is no guarantee that you will remain slim after the surgery. Do you really want to go ahead with this? I think that you should not.”Identify the communication technique used by the nurse. Specify your answers by re-writing the sentences and labeling to which particular category it belong inclusive of subtype.(15 points)Example: Non-therapeutic:  Stereotyping               “All men are abusive.” Modify the statements by the nurse so it becomes professionally acceptable. Likewise, identify the specific type of communication that may be used to improve the manner of nurse-patient interaction. (15 points)Example: Therapeutic: Allowing verbalization of feelings               “I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean by men are abusive?” Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 116 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)