Can you find a reply to this discussion post?Four components are widely used in the Metaparadigm of nursing: person, environment, health, and nursing. These components are very similar to Jean Watson’s major concepts in philosophy and science of caring. According to (Gonzalo 2021), Jean’s four major concepts are human, health, environment or society, and nursing. The commonality between the two components that we will discuss is the environment. As per (Dupree 2018), the environment component of the nursing meta paragon should center the focus on the patients. Many variables can affect the functionality of the outstanding care that should be given to the patients. Factors such as economic conditions, geographical surfaces, culture, social and technological practices can drastically change how we can deliver high-quality care to others (Dupree 2018). On the other hand, Jean Watson’s (2021) outlook about the environment or society is being influenced through the culture of a profession in an idiosyncratic way that can cope in its environment.        On the contrary, providing high-quality patient-focused care are not always achievable, or we may say it may be a challenge to acquire at times. The physical environmental workplace may play a vital role in the nurse’s capability in giving quality care to their clients (Edem MJ, Akpan EU, Pepple NM 2017). Lack of support from the management, including the supervisors, can hinder the productivity in a department, such as the crowded emergency department. Outdated technology or even lack of technology can play a vital role in downplaying any departments’ current workforce. Some examples are very slow computers, lack of personal wireless phone, or any device to make a call can slow down any work process for the patient.        To end this, a powerfully built relationship between the management and the employees should enforce on any facility. Recognition can sometimes give a massive motivation to other workers. Renovation or improvements on the current technology can hasten and simply some work that can help improve the outcomes of the tasks handed to everyone.     Health Science Science Nursing FNP- MSN 561 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)