After completing the survey, reflect on if the survey results surprised you. Why or why not? From the survey results, identify 4-6 major sources of stress in your life that currently exist. 2. Take your 4-6 major sources of stress from the student stress survey and describe your locus of control over those sources of stress.3. Next, create a stress coping mechanism plan including strategies for each sources of stress.  Remember to identify and include all 7 dimensions of wellness in your stress management strategies (not all 7 dimensions of wellness need to be considered for each stress management technique). Strategies should include a short description, resources available at your disposal and finish with SMART goal statements.Instructions for your tutor:The survey in on page 80 The locus of control on page 21 Strategies of SMART on page 19 If have added all the information needed Image transcription text12:09 PM Sat Feb 12 . 92% Done Photo(16 of 16) Ch (+ ) Clio Forler, an aspiringbusines with abundant ca… Show more… Show moreImage transcription text11:47 AM Sat Feb 12 on o 2* ® 0 100%C}- Done 2: An Invitation to Health 6thCanadian Edition (1 of 126… Show more… Show moreImage transcription text12:00 PM Sat Feb 12 Done An Invitationto Health 6th Canadian Edition (1 of 126)’: 010054: Os®? of nine an… Show more… Show more  Health Science Science Nursing LPN NURSIN 1000 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)