According to Jalan (2022), a business problem statement can help peopleto analyze and approach a business need issue (and its solution) in a systematic, measurable, and objective way. Jalan further states that there are four key components to an effective problem statement: defining the problem, providing analysis of the problem (who it affects, how it affects them, and how widespread the issue is), proposing a solution, and considering the audience. Based on this structure, I would write out my problem statement for converting reporting infrastructure to Power BI as follows:Problem: The current reporting structure is unorganized and unmanageable. Analysts are creating, changing, and maintaining hundreds of reports across several departments and lines of business. Additionally, the current reporting structure is split between two separate platforms – Tableau and SSRS/Report Manager – causing confusion and undue difficulties for end users trying to navigate reports.Solution: By transitioning to a single platform, Microsoft Power BI, analysts are given the opportunity to develop a more functional and maintainable reporting structure. Reports can be cleaned up, decommissioned, and merged to create a more functional reporting experience for end users. This will also allow the organization to better track and trend key metrics and organizational scorecards. Furthermore, the transition can be accomplished using existing user Microsoft email accounts, allowing for a smoother transition than other reporting/visualization platforms offer. General feedback is welcomed. The audience, at this point, is the directors of IT, Finance, and Quality, all of whom have analysts creating reports. Eventually this proposal will work it’s way to the executive team. My main concern with my problem statement surrounds clarity within the solution statement. Am I being concise and presenting a reasonable argument? Or does it need to be clarified/expanded upon? READ THE ABOVE. WHAT DO YOU AGREE AND DISAGREE WITH? WHAT DID YOU FIND INTERESTING? WHAT ELSE MIGHT YOU ADD? EXPLAIN.  Health Science Science Nursing NURISNG HCI 690 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)