According to Goldberg (n.d.), writing a problem statement has 4 partsincluding:  improving the experience of something, for whose life it is going to impact, how the user struggles today, and the reason why this solution will be good for the business. The first part of my problem statement involves the improvement of the experience of patient education before, during, and after a surgery or an appointment. The second part of my problem statement is going to impact the lives of patients and sometimes even their loved ones due to being their caretaker. The third part is how the patients have low levels of health literacy and are disengaged from their health journeys. The reason why this solution will be good for business is that patient’s health literacy will increase thus decreasing the amount of hospital readmissions. I would like feedback on any area. I can always improve and this is my first time writing a problem statement. I am bound to make mistakes. I am willing to hear corrections so that I can enhance my skills and abilities. READ THE ABOVE. WHAT DO YOU AGREE AND DISAGREE WITH? WHAT DID YOU FIND INTERESTING? WHAT ELSE MIGHT YOU ADD? EXPLAIN. Health Science Science Nursing NURISNG HCI 690 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)