A 45-year-old white woman presents to your office concerned abouta mole on her face. She states that it has been present for years but her husband has been urging her to have it checked out. She denies any pain, itching, or bleeding from the site and is unable to tell if the lesion has become larger.  She has no significant medical history, takes no medications, and has no allergies. She has no history of skin cancer in her family.  She works as an accountant.On exam, you find she is normotensive, afebrile, and appears slightly younger than her stated age.  Your skin exam reveals a non-tender, symmetric 4mm papule that is a uniformed reddish-brown color. The lesion is well-circumscribed, and the surrounding skin is normal in appearance. There are no other lesions in the area.1. What is your role as a provider given the above subjective and objective data?2. Based on the above subjective and objective data, identify 2 differential diagnoses and include the pathophysiology for each.3. What is your most likely diagnosis given the above subjective and objective data?4. Discuss the features of typically benign skin lesions.5. Discuss the features of skin lesions that are concerning for malignancy or potential malignancy Health Science Science Nursing NURS 8112 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)