28.) A client who has Type 1 diabetes and is at 10-weeks gestation… 28.) A client who has Type 1 diabetes and is at 10-weeks gestation comes to the prenatal clinic complaining of a headache, nausea, sweating, feeling shaky, and feeling tired all the time. What action should the nurse take first?Check the blood glucose levelProvide the client with a protein snackDraw blood for a Hemoglobin A1CAssess urine for ketone levels 29.) A nurse is administering a treatment to a child experiencing an asthma attack. The child is anxious, fearful, and hyperventilating. The nurse anticipates the child developing which acid base imbalance?Metabolic alkalosisRespiratory alkalosisMetabolic acidosisRespiratory acidosis 30.) Which action is most important for the nurse to implement to prevent bleeding in the neonate during the first hour after birth?Replace the umbilical cord clamp close to the infants bodyAdminister phytonadione (Vitamin K) IMProvide the first oral fluids using formulaUse the axillary method to obtain core body temperature32.) A multiparous client with active herpes lesions is admitted to the unit with spontaneous rupture of membranes. Which action should the nurse take?Administer penicillinPrepare for a cesarean sectionCover the lesion with a dressingObtain blood cultures 33.) A female client comes into the emergency department complaining of frequent panic attacks the last few days and states that her life is out of control. She is currently taking alprazolam 1 mg twice daily and sertraline 200 mg daily for anxiety. Which assessment is most important for the nurse to obtain?How long the client has been taking the anti anxiety drugsIf there is a family member available who can provide additional informationIf the client has any thoughts about ending her lifeIf she is having any other symptoms, such as tremors 34.) The nurse notes on the fetal monitor that a laboring client has a variable deceleration. Which action should the nurse implement first?Change the clients positionAdminister oxygen via facemaskAssess cervical dilatationTurn off the oxytocin Infusion  Health Science Science Nursing BSN 346 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)