1.  You are a health insurance professional at a small private practiceoffice.  You receive a phone call from an attorney asking for information on Eric Downs, a patient who was recently treated in your office for injuries resulting from an automobile accident.  How would you handle this phone call?Justify your answers and 3 reasons that will support your response. 2.  Explain how the implied contract is created between a healthcare provider and a patient.  Explain why this type of contract is binding and what must transpire for it to be set aside.” Justify your answer.Give a detailed response regarding implied contract between provider and patient.Lists the proper steps a physician must take if they choose to withdraw from a patient case.Lists at least 3 reasons a physician may discharge a patient. Reference: Beik,Janet I., Pepper, Julie K., Health Insurance Today A Practical Approach 7th Edition; Elsevier – 978-0-323-65553-8   Health Science Science Nursing HEALTH EDU 001 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)